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  • 04/06/2012

Gatekeeper to Drop New LP via Hippos in Tanks

The New York-based electronic archeaologists of Gatekeeper have unveiled two forthcoming projects, a new album for Hippos in Tanks (artwork above) and an accompanying "first-person gaming environment, in which one explores various worlds inspired by tracks on the album." As odd as it may sound, we're not entirely surprised by the duo's plan to release an interactive game; Gatekeeper's penchants for archaic computer graphics and immersive worlds were on full display in the awesome music videos the pair made with Thunder Horse Video in 2010. We have no other details on the game, but we do know the album is called Exo, its cover (pictured above) is by digital artist Tabor Robak, and it will be available on July 17. You can check out the tracklist for Gatekeeper's new LP before then, below.

01 Imax
02 Exolift
03 Visitor
04 Bog
05 Vengier
06 Hydrus
07 Pre-Gen
08 Tree Drum
09 Dromos
10 Aero
11 Re-Gen
12 Encarta

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