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  • 06/06/2012

Video Premiere: dÉbruit "Mega Wagna"

Making the video for dÉbruit's "Mega Wagna" must have been really fun—editing the footage was probably dizzying, but tumbling down hills wrapped in a blanket had to be an enjoyable way to pass time. The vibrant clip, which was created by visual artist Rainbowmonkey, matches dÉbruit's beat in playfulness and attention-grabbing quirk. Disembodied hands clap and drum with mallets, colorful blobs fly through the air like little ghosts and trundle around landscapes that look like Californian chaparral, and colors shift suddenly. The song blends African vocals and rhythms with the sounds Western music technology, matching tribal call-and-response chants with the zaps and fluttering squeaks of modern DAWs. Director Rainbowmonkey also designed the artwork for dÉbruit's From the Horizon, the album from which "Mega Wagna" is taken. Not only is that record out now via Civil Music, it is also available to stream on the label's SoundCloud page, here.

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