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  • 07/17/2012

Nick Höppner Talks to The Quietus About GEMA

Before now, XLR8R hasn't really addressed the conflict brewing between Germany's nightclubs and GEMA, but we're guessing that many of our readers have closely been following the situation. In short, GEMA—the German agency in charge of collecting mechanical royalties—intends to drastically increase its rates beginning next year, and the proposed fees are so onerous that many clubs, including famed Berlin institutions such as Berghain and Watergate, are threatening to close their doors. (For those looking to catch up on the details more thoroughly, this article from The Quietus sums it up nicely.) As these changes inch closer and closer towards becoming a reality, an increasing number of music-industry figures continue to speak out against the proposed fee increases. The latest is Nick Höppner, who also happens to manage the Berghain-affiliated Ostgut Ton label. In an interview with The Quietus, originally intended to focus on his new Panoramabar 04 mix CD, Höppner addressed the GEMA situation, prompting the site to extract his GEMA-related comments and post them as a separate piece. Go here to see what Höppner had to say about the unfairness of the proposed fees, the potential detrimental effect on the German club scene, and why he's actually optimistic about how's it's all going to turn out.

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