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  • 02/04/2013

Video: Short Stories "On the Way"

Well, now we know exactly where the cover art for the recently released "On the Way" b/w "Let it Go" 12" by Short Stories (a.k.a. Koreless and Sampha) comes from: this lighthearted music video for that record's a-side cut. The low-budget clip was directed by London's Jospeh Ridout, and features two kids—presumably standing in for the members of Short Stories—putting on some kind of stage show full of balloons, fog, costumes, toy instruments, and other doodads. The grainy visuals are a somewhat odd pairing with the duo's slickly produced cut of soulful bass music, but nonetheless prove that Koreless and Sampha are in touch with their inner childs—or at least don't take themselves too seriously. (via FACT)

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