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  • 03/26/2013

Video: Mala "Noches Sueños (feat. Danay Suarez)"

Pulled from last year's excellent Mala in Cuba LP, vocal-led cut "Noches Sueños" has received a video treatment which further explores the place where the darker inclinations of UK dubstep stalwart Mala meet Cuban culture. Set to the dubby rhythms and dense textures of the track is a story in which the producer himself and singer Danay Suarez meet on the Underground before taking off somewhere in their own heads. At times, the pair ever appear underwater for long periods, which—according to Mala—was not the most rewarding experience to film. "I was in the water for longer than I care to remember," he explained on his Facebook earlier today. "I can honestly advise [you not to] agree to film when you have to stay 'X' amount of meters underwater for long periods of time... You'll be left with all your sinuses in bits." The Noches Sueños EP, which features remixes of the song by Zed Bias, is out now via Brownswood.

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