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  • 04/30/2013

Video: DJ Koze "Nices Wölkchen (feat. Apparat)"

The Apparat-featuring "Nices Wölkchen" is the first cut from DJ Koze's XLR8R-picked Amygdala LP to receive a proper video treatment. Much like the album from which the tune stems, Koze's video for the effort is as imaginative as it is open to interpretation. As the lush, vocal-led "Nices Wölkchen" unfurls, so does a cryptic story of woodland ritual, one where a gathering of black-clad men move in slow motion before a masked onlooker enters the storyline—eventually revealed to be none other than DJ Koze himself. What it all means is anyone's guess, but nonetheless, it's pleasantly hard to look away as the ambiguously symbolic events unfold.

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