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  • 05/06/2013

TURRBOTAX®'s Rem Koolhaus to Launch New Label

A resident DJ behind standout New York house and techno party TURRBOTAX®, Rem Koolhaus—who, we should say, was a designer for XLR8R once upon a time—has announced the start of a new record label, the first release of which will arrive next month from LA up-and-comer Cromie and recent contributor to XLR8R's Downloads feed Sage Caswell (both pictured above). Called Peach, the Brooklyn-based outpost describes itself as pushing "lush and warm releases which use deep, drum-heavy house as a jumping-off point while refusing to conform to a single tempo or style." That much is certainly evident in the preview of "Vines" b/w "Pyrex" (embedded below), the full versions of which are set to inaugurate Rem Koolhaus' new endeavor when they're released on June 11 along with remixes from Kyle Hall, Ghosts on Tape, and DJ Spoko.

1. Vines
2. Pyrex
3. Vines (Kyle Hall remix)
4. Vines (DJ Spoko remix) *Digital only
5. Pyrex (Ghosts on Tape remix)

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