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  • 06/17/2013

Video Premiere: HADE + DWFL "The Healthiest Man in Chicago"

Appropriately enough, Cologne-based producers HADE + DWFL and the duo's collaborative tune "The Healthiest Man in Chicago" would not be out of place at a Westside Chicago house party. The pair frankly stitch juke's influence on their sleeves, with their latest track owing more than just a passing glance to the recent work of Planet Mu's RP Boo, as it boasts rotating Chicago house and hip-hop samples battling it out for bass supremacy. HADE + DWFL's new clip is delightfully minimal and just fun to watch; the lyrics and the various chords and phases of the tune flash dangerously fast in white and blue typefaces set against a jittery black background. Often, the best juke/footwork clips have been deliberately scaled back affairs, and to great effect. This piece for "The Healthiest Man in Chicago" is no exception.

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