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  • 07/01/2013


Stream Lil Jabba's Debut LP for Local Action

Lil Jabba is an odd figure in the world of footwork. Originally from Australia, the producer divides his time between Baltimore and Brooklyn, but he's actually affiliated with Chicago's Teklife crew, whose key members include DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad. With a series of left-of-center cassettes and Bandcamp-only releases to his name, the producer is dropping his first full-length album via forward-thinking UK imprint Local Action today, and has simultaneously treated us to a full stream of its 12 tracks. The Scales LP exhibits a decidedly lo-fi take on the footwork template, with Lil Jabba packing his tracks full of intricate samples, noodling interludes, and deliriously heady beats. It's definitely an uncanny brand of footwork, and while there's no doubt these tracks would work on the dancefloor, it still sounds quite unlike anything we've heard before from the genre. As the album's press release so aptly states, "These aren't trax, they're tapestries." Lil Jabba's Scales can be heard in its entirety via the player below.

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