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  • 11/05/2013

Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani to Inaugurate New Label with 12"

Longtime New York house producer and half of veteran duo Metro Area, Darshan Jesrani has announced that he'll soon launch his own label with a brand-new 12". Jesrani's Startree label appears to be intended primarily for releasing his own music, though an occasional record from outside sources hasn't been excluded. The first release will be a two-track 12" under the label head's Fuun City moniker, featuring a "Disco" and a "Dub" mix of the "All-Night People" single. Said to be musically situated in "that liminal area of late-'70s dance music which existed between shitty, bluesy rock, new wave, and disco," Jesrani's inaugural record for Startree will drop on December 2.

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