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  • 02/10/2014

Download a New Mix of Rough Techno from Qoso

Rising French DJ/producer Qoso might only be familiar to the pages of XLR8R through the ceaseless stream of new music that is our Downloads feed, but that doesn't make us any less intrigued by his hard-edged brand of industrial-strength techno. His next release will be a four-track EP for home base label In Paradisum, called Jura, and with that record's impending arrival on February 17, Qoso has unleashed a brand-new mix which seems to articulate the kinds of sounds he's been working with as of late. The nearly hour-long DJ set runs the gamut of new and old dancefloor music, with the likes of Robert Hood, Mark Broom, and Paul Birken rubbing shoulders with John Heckle, Happa, Henning Baer, Farah, and Qoso himself. It's a dense and uncompromising listen that—if nothing else—excites us about the release of Qoso's Jura EP for In Paradisum next week.

Farah - Lockhead
Mechanisms Industries - Antikythera Mechanism (Henning Baer Remix)
Qoso - Laphroaig
Dualit - Thyone
Your Silent Face - A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards (Fiedel's Rework)
NJB - Untitled
Robert Hood - Alarm
Mark Broom - Can't Wait
Happa - Red Place
John Heckle - Birds with Vertigo
A Vision of Love - Our Education
Low Jack & Qoso - Like It Soft (Low Jack Live Mix)
Paul Birken - Big Rig Barnacle
R-Zone - 303909
Stallion - Stallion #1
Hank Jackson - Palee Hit
Rezzett - Fire Bomb

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