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  • 02/20/2014

Gobby Readies Sophomore LP for UNO, Shares New Tracks

After releasing a new EP via TAR this week (the lead track from which we shared for download), prolific NYC producer Gobby has revealed details of his forthcoming Wakng Thrst For Seepng Banee LP before it drops via UNO. Along with the announcement of the ambitious, 21-track affair, a stream of album track "Aantezeksyll" and a video for "Red Seal"—which features a twisted cast of demonic puppets terrorizing a number of miniature sets during the song's three-minute run—have also appeared. That video can be watched below, where we've also included the aforementioned stream and the full tracklist for Gobby's Wakng Thrst For Seepng Banee LP, expected to drop sometime late next month.

01 Season 1 Episode 5
02 Red Seal
03 Friday Spiralhead
04 YeOldeBitch
05 …
06 Rangishiff
07 Khiss
08 Kill Dog Because Hungry
09 An
10 Season 1 Episode 6
11 Message from John
12 Tonka
13 Like If You Pee On The Side Of The Bowl
14 The Beautay
15 Quinkelchaye
16 Gums
17 Pay Fonrew Shii
18 Snitchy Baluga
19 Lil Pizza Face Feat Lil Big Tymer
20 Aantezeksyll
21 Seky Petii

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