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  • 02/25/2014

Joey Anderson to Deliver Debut Full-Length

Following a series of impressive 12" releases in 2013—not to mention a Bubblin' Up profile here on XLR8R—New Jersey producer Joey Anderson will soon be dropping his very first album. Anderson's most recent EP came in November via Amsterdam's Dekmantel label, and that partnership will continue with After Forever, an 11-track effort that's scheduled to drop on April 17. The album is said to be a continued exploration of Anderson's unique style, in which "near bottomless techno grooves get run through with haunted piano lines, shadowy synth work or elegant drones. There are barely ever any claps or snares, instead just plenty of deeply hypnotic kicks and plenty of noir tension." The complete LP tracklist has been posted below, along with a streaming preview from Dekmantel.

01. Space Between Curtains
02. It's a Choice
03. Space Colors Ideas
04. Maidens Response
05. Sorcery
06. Amp Me Up
07. Keep the Design
08. Brass Chest Plate
09. Archer's Ceremony
10. Sky's Blessings
11. Heaven's Archer

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