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  • 02/18/2014

MUTEK Joins Forces with Elektra for Its 15th Anniversary; Line-Up to Include Audion, Nicolas Jaar, Shackleton, and More

For anyone who follows XLR8R with any sort of regularity, it's no secret that MUTEK is one of our favorite festival organizations. This morning, the long-running institution, which focuses on both cutting-edge electronic music and visual arts (and how they're influenced by technology), announced the details of its upcoming 15th anniversary festivities in Montreal. What's perhaps most interesting about the news is that MUTEK has elected to team up with Elektra, another high-profile digital arts festival in Montreal. Working together, the two groups have dubbed this year's event EM 15 and established a new headquarters at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. The festivities will run from Tuesday, May 27 through Sunday, June 1, and though further line-up announcements are on the way, the initial group includes Audion, Nicolas, Jaar (pictured above), Shackleton, Pinch, Move D, Voices from the Lake, Magic Mountain High, Heatsick, Donato Dozzy, Archie Pelago, and others. More details will be unveiled in the weeks and month's ahead, but organizers claim that EM15 will ultimately feature more than 100 acts and will take place in several new venues. In the meantime though, passes for both the entire festival and just the weekend have been placed on sale.

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