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  • 02/05/2014

Preview Every Track from Legowelt's Upcoming 'Crystal Cult 2080' Album

With the details of Dutch synth wizard Legowelt's forthcoming Crystal Cult 2080 LP now out in the world, all fans can do is wait until the 12-track record drops late next month via Crème Organization. However, the label has thankfully seen fit to help us bide that time with a substantial album teaser, sharing sizable clips of each of Legowelt's new productions. The 24-minute preview of Crystal Cult 2080 dives headfirst into the misty baths of digital synthesis sloshing around each song, and quickly proves that the producer born Danny Wolfers wasn't joking when he said that he loved his Roland JV2080 synth for its "mysterious, interesting sounds."

1. Experiential Awakening
2. Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi
3. Excalibure R8MK2
4. Psychotic Endurance
5. How I Live
6. The Future Of Myself
7. Fundamental Superstition
8. Crystal Cult 2080
9. When The Spring Comes Again
10. Cyberspace Is Still Happenin’ For Real
11. Lighthouses & Fried Fish Disks
12. Distant Meadow In Your Soul

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