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  • 02/14/2014

Stream 'Sip Paint,' the Hip-Hop-Influenced New EP from Jack Dice on Modern Love

With artists like Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, and Vatican Shadow populating the bulk of its discography in recent years, the Modern Love label has become an incredibly reliable outpost for noisy explorations of dark and brooding house and techno, but it's not exactly an imprint that most people would associate with hip-hop. However, that hasn't stopped the Modern Love gang from bringing Jack Dice into the fold; the duo, which includes Type Records boss John Twells and Main Attraktionz affiliate Walker Chambliss, actually debuted on Modern Love in 2012 with the Block Motel EP. Now, the pair has issued its follow-up, a five-track effort entitled Sip Paint. The record, which is streaming in full below, contains many of Modern Love's usual sonic signifiers, as songs like "Low Glo," "Kerosene," and "Radium Dial" are thoughtful instrumental cuts rooted in the grey tones and melancholy vibes that color much of the label's catalog. It's really "Stash's Theme" that sets Jack Dice apart, as the tune borrows the snapping snares, rolling triplets, and throbbing bass notes of modern-day hip-hop and also features MC Stash Marina flowing atop its rhythms. One wouldn't normally associate the words "getting crunk" or references to "ass and titties" with Modern Love, but it actually works. Apart from the record, a video has also been commissioned for "Stash's Theme." It can be viewed below, along with the EP artwork.

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