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  • 03/24/2014

Listen to Todd Terje's New Collaborative Single with Bryan Ferry

With the release of the debut album from Norwegian space-disco specialist Todd Terje just a couple of weeks away, we're treated to another one of its expertly produced tracks. But this latest single is quite a bit different from the others, a poignant slow jam lifted from the middle of It's Album Time which features the LP's sole guest singer, Roxy Music co-founder Bryan Ferry.

"Johnny and Mary" is a cover of the classic Robert Palmer song of the same name, and one which brings the original version's underlying introspectiveness straight into the forefront. Todd Terje's synths highlight the simple groove with their starry, wistful qualities, as Ferry's smokey voice gives the music a sense of age and nostalgia. It's absolutely touching stuff, to say the least, and exhibits a side of the Nordic artist that most fans probably wouldn't expect. Todd Terje's "Johnny and Mary" can be heard in its entirety below, before It's Album Time drop on April 8 via Olsen.

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