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  • 04/10/2014

Download New Mixes from DJ Haus and Mumdance

Two very different-but-equally enticing mixes hit the internet to stream and download today: A 22-track workout of a session from Unknown to the Unknown boss DJ Haus and an Egyptian-themed mixtape from relentlessly busy Londoner Mumdance (pictured above).

The latter of the two arrived as the latest podcast from Dummy, and finds the DJ/producer—who has had no shortage of appearances on XLR8R lately—chronicling his recent trip to Cairo (organized by the British Council) through field recordings, the local sounds of Mahraganat music, and his own brand-new productions inspired by the region. That 30-minute recording can be found below, along with its tracklist, and Mumdance's accompanying interview with Dummy can be read here.

01. Cairo traffic introduction مقدمة زحمة القاهرة
02. Mumdance feat. Figo - 100 Copies Vocal مامدانس وفيجو - صوت ١٠٠ نسخة
03. Dezel - Music That Will Make You Dance Like Crazy ديزل- مزيكة هترقص بجنون توزيع الديزل استوديو (يلاطرب)المدفعجية
04. Alaa Fifty, Kanaka & Dezel - Mahragan Anjax Snyega علاء فيفتي، وكنكا، وديزل - مهرجان أنجكس
05. Dezel, Kanaka & Figo - Kolo Edo Fooooa (Eskimo Remix) ديزل، وكنكا، وفيجو - كله إيده فوق (ريمكس إسكيمو)
06. Mumdance feat. Sadat, Alaa Fifty, Kanaka & Dezel - Cairo 8 Bar مامدانس مع سادات، وعلاء فيفتي، وكنكا، وديزل - بار القاهرة
07. Knka & Dezel - Untitled كنكا وديزل - بدون عنوان
08. Pinch & Islam Chipsy feat. Sadat - Untitled بينش وإسلام شيبسي مع سادات - بدون عنوان
09. Mumdance feat. Sadat - Take Time (Salam City Freestyle) مامدانس مع السادات - (فري ستايل مدينة السلام)
10. Dezel & Kanaka - Untitled ديزل وكنكا - بدون عنوان
11. Sadat, Alaa Fifty, Dezel, & Kanaka - Untitled سادات، وعلاء فيفتي، وديزل، وكنكا - بدون عنوان

As for DJ Haus' latest set, the prolific UK artist delivered URB's new podcast, which the publication describes as "quite possibly the most fun mix for our podcast series in quite some time." The tracklist features plenty of music from the mixmaster himself, in addition to cuts from the likes of Chaos in the CBD, Palms Trax, the trio of POL Style, Vin Sol & Matrixxman, Helix's DJ Vague alias, Mista Men, and many others. That mix can be found with its full list of contributors below.

DJ Haus - Hot Haus Anthem
DJ Haus - 2 Much Booty
Party Crashers - Plastic Bag
Rushmore - Dance Show
Doctor Jeep - Eccies
DJ Vague - Hard Workin’ Trax 1
Ratchett Traxxx - Mollypop
Posh God - Juicy Chocolate
Mista Men - Tweet
Palms Trax - Forever
DJ Haus - Goa Houz Anthem
Palace - Touch Me
Chaos In The CBD - Delorian Dreams
DJ Haus - Beginning Of LIfe
DJ Haus - Clap Yo Handz
DJ Haus - Get The Fuck Out
DJ Haus - Make U Sweat
Photonz - Rye Lane
POL Style, Vin Sol & Matrixxman - Power Top
DJ Haus- Turn My Music High
Lake Haze - Lightning Riddim
DJ Deamonds - Don’t U Want 2

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