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  • 04/29/2014

RBMA Launches 'Eternal Bliss' Web Portal

For all of the accolades that have been thrown its way over the years, the Red Bull Music Academy has rarely been recognized as a source of high comedy. However, following today's announcement that RBMA has launched Eternal Bliss™, a web portal billed as "the world's first guided meditation that puts you in charge," it's possible that perceptions of the Academy might need to be altered. Although the cheeky site does include all sorts of relaxing imagery—it's been divided into various "zones," including the Refresh Your Chakra Zone, the Rainforest Trance Zone, and the Quantum Harvest Zone, to name a few—and is absolute rife with vague new age mantras, it's worth noting that Eternal Bliss™ does come with a pretty stellar soundtrack; RBMA affiliates and former participants like James Pants, Nightwave, Anenon, Suzanne Kraft, and Lucrecia Dalt are just a few of the artists who have contributed tunes. A playlist with the complete Eternal Bliss™ soundtrack has been posted below, but the full experience undoubtedly requires a visit to the website.

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