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  • 04/17/2014

Stream Another New Track from Four Tet's Upcoming Percussions 12"s

Earlier this week, Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) surprised everyone with an announcement that his Text label would soon be releasing a new trio of 12"s. One of the three will feature sounds from a largely unknown producer named Taraval, but the other two will contain music from Four Tet himself, operating under the name Percussions. At the time, Hebden also posted a stream of one of the Percussions tunes, "Blatant Water Cannon." Yesterday, he added to the anticipation by sharing a stream of an additional track, "Ascii Bot." The driving, synth-heavy tune will appear on the same record as "Blatant Water Cannon," while the other Percussions 12" will contain "KHLHI" and "Sext," two songs that have yet to be unveiled. All three of the new Text releases are scheduled to be released around April 28, but in the meantime, "Ascii Bot" is streaming below.

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