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  • 04/07/2014

Telefon Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis Readies New LP as Sons of Magdalene

Former Telefon Tel Aviv member Joshua Eustis has announced he will issue a new solo LP under the guise of Sons of Magdalene in June. The nine-track Move to Pain LP will see a release via the Audraglint label, and is said to be a deeply personal record for Eustis, one which has sat mostly completed since 2010, but was not officially finished until late last year. Eustis further explains in the announcement's press release:

"The earliest songs for this LP were completed in late 2008, shortly before the death of my long time musical collaborator and childhood friend, Charles W. Cooper, III. We had been making music together as Telefon Tel Aviv for a decade. Charlie heard the early versions of these songs and wanted them to be the basis of the next Telefon Tel Aviv LP. He died before we could finish anything together, so I kept them as they were and went from there.

The rest of the record was written intermittently from 2009 until late 2010, when the first version of the record was completed. I sat on this for years, against the advice of friends and family, and the record became the elephant in the room. The subject matter of the record is by far the most personal of my musical career."

Sons of Magdalene's vocal-heavy Move to Pain LP will see a full release on June 24. In the meantime, the record's artwork and full tracklist are included below.

01 Hold On Hold Still For A Second
02 Bitter Soliloquy
03 The Whip
04 Move To Pain
05 A Strange Sound
06 Unfortunate Phone Call
07 O Death
08 Can’t Won’t Don’t Want To
09 Crows On The Eves Of My Father’s House

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