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  • 04/04/2014

Watch a Dark Short Film Inspired by The Body's Haxan Cloak-Produced Album for RVNG

Released this week, The Body's nightmareish I Shall Die Here LP for RVNG, which was co-created with Tri Angle affiliate The Haxan Cloak, is a compelling example of how sonic landscapes can forge incredibly visceral and ardent narratives. Inspired by that new album, Jason Evans directed a short film conceived around the music's "incredibly visual account of death, tragedy, and loss." He goes on to say, "I had this image of a man, his face covered in dirt, but his arms still moving and his eyes open." The results of those ideas are now available to watch online.

Evans' piece features a dishevelled man living in a remote cabin surrounded by thick forests, following him as he attempts to collect pieces of his memory amidst relentless weather conditions. All the while, merciless cuts from I Shall Die Here can be heard in the soundtrack. Having been compared to Robert Smithson's parallels "between geological change and the fragility of the mind," At the Mercy of It All can be seen in the player below.

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