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  • 04/03/2014

Watch an Interview with Frankie Knuckles and Others in Resurfaced '80s Footage

Classic footage from the opening of Chicago's Power House Club in 1986 has surfaced, featuring the recently deceased Frankie Knuckles along with a number of Chicago's early house pioneers.

"How hot is house music right now?," the cameraman asks a young Frankie Knuckles. "On a scale from one to 10," he replies, "It's 12." Though not the focus of the 12-minute film, Knuckles does provide many of its highlights, discussing the links between disco and house and giving a peek into the DJ booth while the "Godfather of House" himself is behind the decks.

Aside from Knuckles' appearances, the newly resurfaced clip gives an insightful look into Chicago's house scene of the mid-'80s, getting a range of thoughts from house musicians and fans, and capturing a particularly spirited performance from local musician/DJ JM Silk. The full clip, provided by the Media Burn Archive, can be watched below.

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