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  • 05/15/2014

Dark Sky Signs to Monkeytown for New Single and Debut LP

Dark Sky has appeared on a number of different labels since the trio of Matt Benyayer, Thomas Edwards, and Carlo Anderson first surfaced in 2010, dropping releases for the likes of Black Acre, Blunted Robots, Pictures Music, Mister Saturday Night, Tectonic, and 50Weapons. As it turns out, 2014 will see the bass-centric UK trio offering up both a new single and its debut full-length with yet another imprint, 50Weapons' parent label Monkeytown. Preceding the album will be a new single, "Silent Fall" b/w "Odyssey," which is slated to appear on August 1. As for the LP, few details have been shared, other than that its writing was "heavily influenced by how [Dark Sky] were going to interpret it in a live scenario, which is how [the trio] will be touring the album in the very near future." More specifically though, Dark Sky has unveiled the record's title, imagin, and its August 22 release date. Lastly, the group has put together a short video teaser for the LP, which has been posted below, along with the artwork for both of its upcoming releases.

"Silent Fall" b/w "Odyssey"


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