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  • 05/27/2014

Stream 'End Scene,' the New LP from Jokers of the Scene

In truth, Jokers of the Scene had fallen pretty far off the XLR8R radar prior to the Toronto duo's recent announcement that it would soon be releasing a new LP, End Scene (artwork above). The pair followed up that news with a couple of hallucinatory videos, and this week, the vinyl version of the record was issued jointly by the Throne of Blood and New Kanada. The digital version won't appear until June 10, and a limited-edition companion cassette is also in the works via Mount Analog, but it's still possible to hear End Scene online, as a full stream of the album has surfaced on the web. The LP is streaming in full at SPIN, and even a cursory listen to its 12 tracks will reveal just how much Jokers of the Scene has expanded its sound palette and musical vision. End Scene contains ambient explorations, plenty of nods of classic house and techno, and even a bit of '80s nostalgia; more importantly, it's most likely the best thing Jokers of the Scene has ever done.

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