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Coachella 2006

XLR8R's party brain headed to Indio, Palm Springs for another year of music and mayhem at the Coachella Music Festival 2006. Photos by Vivian Host, with assistance from her sidekick Brianna.

This guy gave us free ice cream-a true saint.

Wink wink nudge nudge.

Vivian and Fake SF's Omar are back together again.

Um, this is why I do not go to Burning Man.

They had a gnome room. I guess they thought it was funny.

The heat will do it to you.

The great crowd led Lady Sovereign put on her best US show yet.

The Daft Punk stage show was a highlight of the festival.

Ten minutes after this the hoola-hooping grew fairly erotic.

Sigur Ros got mad emotional, son.

Gnarls Barkly back up band.

Evan makes the strongest drinks in Indio.

Depeche Mode brought it down like it was 1988.

Brianna was all too happy to be made fun of by Myles and Chris from Wolfmother.

Andrew from Wolfmother was born to be a rock god.

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