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A Collection by Paul O'Valle

San Francisco-based photographer Paul O'Valle has been an XLR8R staff photographer since 2005. In his time here he has shot some amazing photos of Talib Kweli, Goapele, Balance, Locksmith and Frontline, among many others. O'Valle's work has also been published by Interview, Tokion, Urb, and 7x7. Seen here are some of his favorite photos, including outtakes from shoots, nights out with friends, and random pics in between.

Lien and Paloma, these girls are actually like this all the time.


Street Scene.

Raguskus, NYC.

Priest and a punk in Madrid.


Ozzy-completely spontaneous, yet somehow not unexpected.

Ode to The Office.

Nitsuj, last Friday of the month at the Underground SF.

Jen and Gabe were in a car accident together.

James Christopher.

I just like this picture.

How Weird.

Girls 2.

Girls 1.

E Da Boss and Nick Andre.

Colour of Shadow.

Back It Up.


An outtake from a great photo shoot.

Abstract Rude.

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