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The Dankman Does E3

There's a very special person who works at XLR8R magazine, known simply as The Dankman. Recently he took a break from negotiating big deals and raking in the cash to visit the E3 videogame conference. A sprawling mass of gaming and geekdom, this convention chewed up The Dankman and spit him back out. We documented his demise with the series of photos below.

The Dankman.

Roy The Dankman has a posse.

First comes love...

And then moving straight to the foreplay.

Up yours, E3!

The Nokia girls were nice enough to take a picture with the Dankman.

And also let him use their phones to close a deal.

Making out with the local fauna.

Dankman was up to no good with the Pacman family.

Spawning Pacdank, the kung-fu offspring of their sexual union.

Sorry Activision, but there is going to be a nasty lawsuit coming your way.

Lawsuit number two, courtesy the Ferrari at the Griffin booth.

Australian girls are tall and easily offended.

The Dankman is a fan of identically-clad gamers everywhere.

Fuck Dance Dance Revolution, this is way better.

Ubisoft would not tolerate the Dankman.

And then they left him for dead.

Grrrrrrrrr, bitch!

Dankman gets his kicks.

Dankman at the end of his tether.

Collapsing in a sea of yellow carpet, the Dankman is spent.

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