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The Garden Festival by David Bowen

Croatia is fast becoming the destination of choice for the more adventurous music fan. The launch of The Garden nightclub in Zadar heralded in a new era for Croatia. The first Garden Festival (June 2-4, 2006) brought artists Mr. Scruff, Rainer Trüby, ol’ Smokey, Quantic, and Different Drummer to the most unique of venues: a peninsula with the sea on three sides and an Italian designed nightclub smack in the center. Needless to say, it rocked like bamboo. Obsessed with photography since his teens, David Bowen now works internationally, happily snapping at anything that breathes.


Zadar hospital also offers a great service for health and well being if you're daft enough to damage your leg on the first night. Many thanks for the help, Gail.

Tree climbing.


The sea is crystal clear and the sunsets are huge.

The circular club at the centre of the peninsula is Italian designed and mirrored by smaller, pod-like dance floors at the edge of the water.

Outdoor partying.

One of the peripheral pods is given over to health and well-being.

On the last day with my leg in a pot I join 9 others on a smaller hired boat, looking for our deserted island.


A boat ferries people between the festival peninsula and the mainland, where the Garden Club hosts more music.

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