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S.E.E.M.E. Festival by David Bowen

S.E.E.M.E. was an unequivocal success. Traders and music industry experts provided conferences and equipment showcases by day, and at night DJs and Mcs from around the world (including SS, Bad Company, Killa Kela, and Mistress Barbara) turned out the party. Obsessed with photography since his teens, David Bowen now works internationally, happily snapping at anything that breathes.

Every surface is a beer table.

Wandering around a local flea market, it is clear that the Germans literally dropped everything and ran back in 1945.

Trade stalls ranged from equipment manufacturers to radio stations and magazine publishers.

Sunglasses at night.

Proteges of Barbara Tucker.

Mistress Barbara.

James Zabiela.

Guests of SEEME witnessed a high level of hospitality.

Event manager DJ Steven being interviewed by Paul Clarke from DJ Magazine.

Daytime events are held at the military academy in Sofia. It can be nervewracking.

At the first evening event the Mexican contingent made their presence felt.

As the day event wound down, a group of highschool graduates gathered at the military academy for their passing out ceremony.

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