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Berlin: Hot To Death

Berlin is sort of like a huge treasure hunt; you're constantly stumbling across things while looking for something else. The city is never more charming than in the summer, when decaying buildings and factories mix with nature's greenery to form beautiful public spaces and there's a smile on everyone's face from Thursday at 9 p.m. to Tuesday at noon, when some people are just going to bed from the weekend. Here's a bit of what I saw in between not sleeping and gathering information for our October issue (#101), which is devoted to Berlin.

The lights of the Loveparade.

8 a.m. inside RAW temple. The soundtrack... punks playing blistering drum & bass, of course.

A close-up of the store window at Rootsman Culture, Prenzlauer Berg.

2 p.m. Sunday at Club Der Visionaire on the bank of the Spree. Richie Hawtin, Villalobos, and Luciano are inside playing minimal techno on a dancefloor that fits 15 people who have been up all weekend.

Edu K (on the right) and friend show Germans how to get down to baile funk.

Human disco balls Mediengruppe Telekommander rap over electro-house.

Legendary Berlin graf crew CBS announces their funeral on the city walls, while Kripoe raises his fists in protest.

An elaborate stencil mural next to the Lovelite bar in Kreuzberg.

Berlin's club scene is ephemeral, with things closing, opening, and changing locations constantly. Witness the glow of Kubik, a special installation/open air club only open July 14 through September 16.

Get Physical's DJ T. starts off sunrise at the Watergate club with some classic acid house.

A grim scene inside PhB, a club inside an abandoned brewery.

Hippie porn is the next big thing, as promoted by these forest elves, who are saving the rainforest one cum shot at a time.

A giant, dumbbell-wielding presides over the Loveparade.

Sasha from Jahcoozi/Grimetime gets down on dancefloor at White Trash Fast Food. Watch out.

PR firm Platoon hosts a private club, complete with swimming pool, in the backyard of their offices in Mitte. Their offices (not pictured) are housed in converted freight containers.

Nature and industry mix at Treptower Park.

Loveparade attendees take to the lampposts.

Every day Marok from Lodown chants "Don't worry be happy" while looking at this sight from the windows of his office in Kreuzberg.

Across the street from the Watergate club, Berlin's most recognizable icon (the TV Tower) winks good morning.

A view of the tracks, Kreuzberg.

Good night.

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