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Jern Eye Music Video by Beryl Fine

This month marks the release of Lunar Heights member Jern Eye’s first solo LP, Authentic Vintage. On June 27 he filmed the music video for the album’s first single “Exclusive (Featuring Zion I).” I had the great pleasure of shooting an on-set portrait series of some Bay Area heads, some infamous, some legendary–all beautiful. Photos by Beryl Fine.

Jern Eye.

One of Two.

Two of Two.



Skater 3.

Skater 2.

Skater 1.

Sean Sheffy.

Sean Sheffy Portrait.

Rob Collins.

Pep Love.


Nippion Portrait.

Matthew Africa.

Leader 1.


Khai Portrait.

Jennifer Johns.


B Boy 2.

B Boy 1.

A Plus.

A Plus Portrait.

A Friend.

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