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On Tour With 2020Soundsystem

Independent record label 2020 has been pioneering live house for the past couple of years, and has recently released a double album of their worthy efforts. The band consists of the Silver City Artists on keys and bass, Dan “Double D” on drums, and Ralph Lawson mixing it up with a thick house bass and mid. David Bowen joined them on tour for a couple of nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland (June 9-10, 2006). He had a rather good time. Obsessed with photography since his teens, David Bowen now works internationally, happily snapping at anything that breathes.

This tongue has not been digitally retouched. It really is that long.


Silver City (from Argentina).

Scotland again.

Ralph sound checking.

Here I am weeping behind a beer. My leg still hurts from Croatia.

FOPP rates the latest album from 2020soundsystem.

Fernando of Silver City sound checking.

Double-Ds solo album will appeal to house, funk and jazz fans alike.

Backstage it may look like Double D is politely asking for a beer, but he is actually taking the piss out of the way I photograph.

2020 leaves the masses weeping behind hands.

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