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Sonar Festival 2006

Over the past 7 years, the number of people attending the Sonar Festival (June 15-17, 2006) has risen from roughly 50,000 to a staggering 100,000 over the festival’s three days. Top performances this year came from Fat Freddys Drop, Scissor Sisters, DJ Shadow, Laurent Garnier and Bugge Wessletoft, and Kenny Dope.

Obsessed with photography since his teens, David Bowen now works internationally, happily snapping at anything that breathes.

And we were soon surrounded.jpg
And we were soon surrounded.

The day event atmosphere is akin to that of a carnival.

Others slowly invade our beach.

More British people discover Sonar every year.

Mini Disco.

Jazzanova at Fellini on Las Ramblas.

Hedge-jumping, European style.

Hands in the air as the day event winds down.

Fat Freddys Drop.

Doodling and grafitti is omnipresent.

DJ Shit Mat from Planet Mu greats the rising sun with the classic Twitching & Foaming remix.

DJ Shadow.

Dawn breaks on the beach.

Dan fully dressed in the blistering mid-day heat following a 14-hour session.

At the back of one of the cavernous nighttime halls.

Afro lovers collapse in the heat of Sonar by day.

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