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XLR8R Does CES Las Vegas

XLR8R's Ken Taylor and Roy Dank (a.k.a. The Dankman) returned to Vegas scope out the latest tech gadgetry at this year's Consumer Electronics tradeshow, which ran from January 8 - 11, 2006 and featured everything from the sensible (cell phones and cameras) to the deliciously indulgent (metallic iPod faces and digital photo frames). Let these guys school you on the hottest gear slated for 2007.


Ken checks out the many fine magazine offerings in the press room before heading onto the floor.


Where's GI Joe when you need him?


Belkin got game when it comes to iPod faces.


Everyone's talking about the latest in bull-riding technology–everyone!


Hell, even Casio has found its way into the market.


Just kidding. They actually make some super-fly cameras, and the Gz'One, a water-resistant cell phone that's tough as nails.


Creative Labs had some great little MP3 players.


As did Sony.


Mr. Dankman will see you now. Right this way to the Koss booth.


Just one of many fittings at Koss.


Fujifilm's finest. 


Booth babes (and boys) still hold court, weather-permitting.


Philips' Digital Photo Frames.


Hey man, we all still need alarm clocks. 


Helmet tech from JBL. Actually it's the Spyros, some excellent multimedia speakers in crazy colors.


Ken hearts Pentax.


Intricate imaging from LG, who also had some hot phones and TVs, too.


Mario still got game.


Chatting it up at the Sanyo booth.


Rhapsody–keepin' it Realzies.


Samsung's sweet HD flat screens. 


Putting more things in our ears, this time courtesy of Shure.


Toshiba's Gigabeat media player.


Winding down the week with some blues-metal riffs from V-dub's First Act. 

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