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XLR8R Visits The NAMM Show 2007

Last week the XLR8R crew made its way to the grand ol' NAMM Show (Jan. 18-21, 2007) in Anaheim, CA, where we scoped out some of the hottest new bits and pieces on the music-gear front for '07. Keep your eye on XLR8R's Machines sections for full reviews in the coming months.  

The view from the outside.

Native Instruments' Traktor Scratch interface.

The Dankman gets a demo.

Not to be confused with Rane's Serato Scratch, seen here in action.

Or M-Audio's Torq, being put to the test.

Things were truly rave-tastic.

Smoke machines and lazer rays.

Lookout weekend.

These guys are totally banking on a rave revival.

The NAMM crowd is a tough one.

Which is why ddrum thew some Ds on dat bitch.

Did we check out headphones?

We Shure did.

Schecter ladies you don't wanna mess with.

Him neither.

The Roland Juno G in action.

Sometimes rockstar dreams get put on hold for the love of NAMM.

"You guys panned my last record to hell, but I still got mad love for XLR8R" - Steve Vai.

Numark's Cue demo. Hot VJ gear for the next step.

Nord always representing.

Where it all began.

Mackie taking a stand.

And mixing it up.

More fun with M-Audio's Guitar Box.

This is one NAMM Lennon didn't protest.

Deutschland uber NAMM Show.


Drummer kids and those evil eyes.

Allen + Heath's latest offerings.

And Behringer's.

The newest piece in Denon DJ's arsenal.

From the DigiDesign booth.

IK Multimedia showing off their camera skills.

Korg's new Mini Kaoss Pad.

See how tiny!

Korg's hot new Zero8 mixer.

From the Peavey Custom shop.

KRK's new RP5 monitors.

Cute little red pianos will always have a place in XLR8R's heart. Always.

Ableton Live's demo spot.

Apple Logic Pro's demo with producer Vincent di Pasquale.

The man, the myth, the legend, crankin' it to 11 (er, 4:30 by the looks of it).

Moog coming back in a big way.

More rawkaz.

Next year's model, from Vestax.

UDG bags keeping vinyl alive.

Lots of smart people checking out the wares, but the occasional dummy, too.

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