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Podcast 26: Barbara Preisinger

Besides her 10-plus-year career as a DJ, Barbara Presinger has explored numerous angles of the music business, from working on as a freelance writer and radio promoter to starting the now-famous ~scape imprint with Stefan Betke (a.k.a. Pole). While the dancefloor is her number one passion, she has, in recent years, expanded her sets to include everything from hip-hop to dub, often pairing these genres with her trademark house and techno style. Get a taste of her many abilities as a DJ here, or perhaps you'll be lucky enough to catch one of her sets in the near future.

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1. Simian Mobile Disco "Hustler - Shackleton Remix" (wichita)
2. Benjamin Brunn "Raymond" (Binemusik)
3. Pole "Pferd - The Mole´s Lost in The Wood Mix" (˜scape)
4. The Attendants "For The Love Of Low Top" (Inner Sunset)
5. Melchior Productions "Out There" (Perlon)
6. Mike Huckaby "wavetable no 9" (s y n t h)
7. Mountain People "Mountain 005.2" (Mountain People)
8. Christian Burkhardt "Dressless" (Oslo)
9. Losoul "Synchro" (Playhouse)
10. John Tejada "Auskeeping" (Palette)
11. Zed Bias "Bare Knuckle" (Sick Trumpet)
12. Gemini "In My Head - Freaks Remix" (Classic)
13. Cabanne "Boulinge" (Minibar)
14. 100 Hz "Trust Love" (High-Phen Music Delivery)

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