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Podcast 24: 15 Years of Thrill Jockey

Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records has long been a legend among indie labels, championing the musical careers of Adult., Read more » 

Podcast 23: Johan Agebjörn

Swedish songwriter, Sally Shapiro producer, proud father, and environmentalist Johan Agebjörn furnishes XLR8R with its latest podcast. The hour-long mix features tracks from the likes of Lindstrom and Mecano, a couple Sally Shapiro cuts, and all-around disco mayhem. Download this and let it be your holiday pre-party soundtrack.

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Podcast 22: Drop The Lime

Luca "Drop the Lime" Venezia has in many ways owned the New York club circuit for a number of years. Whether it’s his bizarre take on Chicago-house and grime on his Tigerbeat6 releases, the dark vocal-house under his Curses! moniker, or the fist pumping releases that his Trouble & Bass imprint peddles, you know that dude is on top of his game. Read more » 

Podcast 21: John Selway

Multi-instrumentalist and producer John Selway laces XLR8R with its latest DJ mix, spinning twelve danceable tracks from a handful of the world's favorite house and techno imprints. From training as a classical violinist during adolescence to his rave days under the moniker Disintegrator, this techno veteran has been around the block dishing out singles and remixes for a heap of labels from Minus to Cocoon and Turbo. Read more » 

Podcast 20: Starkey

Philadelphia-based PJ "Starkey" Geissinger is no stranger to club action. This hardworking producer/DJ has already earned the title of Mid-Atlantic and North American Laptop Battle Champion, and has recorded for an array of labels from Slit Jockey to Trouble & Bass and Peace-Off. For this installment of the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series, the grime-influenced veteran churns out over 30 tracks of club-shattering bass anthems.


Podcast 19: French Hip-Hop

While there's still a handful of Americans that may snicker at the idea of French rap, the very same haters may not have heard Paris-born, Lausanne, Switzerland-based Thomas' Yo La La ! podcast, which features MCs and producers from the world's second biggest global hip-hop market. The monthly mixes include talent from all facets of the French game–from rap de rue (street rap) to alternative rap (electro-infused hip-hop) to commercial rap, both vinatge and brand new. Read more » 

Podcast 18: Crookers

Alongside acts like The Bloody Beetroots and the Dubsided crew, Milan’s Crookers have entered the XLR8R Podcast Exclusive Mix Series in true electro-club fashion. Members DJ Phra and Bot fuse together raw B-more percussion and scratchy French touch synths for their infectious edits and remixes. Featuring a broad palate of new dancefloor killers from artists like Radioclit, Aaron LaCrate, Edu K, and Chemical Brothers, this exclusive mix will have new-schoolers salivating for days.


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