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Podcast 39: LuckyMe

If Scotland's LuckyMe collective is a little hard to define, that's only because they want to be. The group counts about twelve or so members, mostly beatmakers along with a few emcees and guest vocalists, who throw THE BALLER$ 5OCIAL CLUB monthly party at Glasgow School of Art. They broadcast a monthly radio show on Samurai.fm, have their hands on a couple streetwear and design projects, and are now becoming a label to release "slabs of the crew's most leftfield and obscure works." That doesn't mean they don't work with other labels - Hudson Mohawke is signed with Warp Records and the young rising star Rustie works with Ramp and Hyperdub - but anything LuckyMe wants to do, it does. So, if it's hard to put your finger on what exactly Lucky Me is, that's only because they've made it that way.

This mix, put together by The Blessings (a.k.a. Dom Sum & FineArt), is every bit as hard to describe as the group themselves. The 22 tracks flow from Scotland-repping mid-tempo verses to ass-shaking instrumental bangers followed by glitched out abstractions and some hot diva wailing. We're expecting a whole lot more from this crew soon, but listening to these tracks it's easy to hear the future right now. Wyatt Williams

1. Tiago "INTERSTELLARjourneys" (LuckyMe)
2. Surface Emp "Moonbeam Jars" (LuckyMe)
3. American Men "Claude Speed (The Blessings Edit)" (LuckyMe)
4. Rustie "Shadow Enter" (LuckyMe)
5. 7VWWVW (aka Mammal) "Singer/Songwriter" (Crystal Wish)
6. Mike Slott & Distant Star "Boxed In" (All City)
7. Respite "Off Track (The Blessings Edit)" (LuckyMe)
8. The Blessings "Scared of Heights" (LuckyMe)
9. Hudson Mohawke "Work (Jimi Tenor Retwirk)" (LuckyMe)
10. Beyonders "Barely Eagle Intro" (Firecracker)
11. Nadsroic "Chemical" (LuckyMe)
12. The Blessings "Where Is Anna?" (LuckyMe)
13. Michio Okamiya "The Story Of The Heroes Birth" (Unknown)
14. Hudson Mohawke "Still On It" (LuckyMe)
15. Dema "Stoned Top The Bone" (LuckyMe)
16. Eric Coleman "What Is Love intro" (CD-R)
17. Samiyam "Petra's Birthday" (CD-R)
18. Jay Prada "Standing By" (LuckyMe)
19. Mike Slott & Muhsinah "Deux Three" (LuckyMe) 
20. Rustie "Let You Go (Keisha Cole Resmacked)" (LuckyMe)
21. Babe In The Woods "Wandering Piper" (Unknown)
22. The Blessings "Fructose" (LuckyMe)

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3 comments LuckyMe

Anonymous Wrote

Mon, 06/02/2008 - 09:30

keisha cole remix is deaaaaaadly!!! very nice selection of thangs here!

Lorn (not verified) Wrote

Sat, 06/21/2008 - 21:56

Rustie has it.

Anonymous Al (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 06/24/2008 - 14:44

a interesting sound..
some tracks sound off beat in a bad,i just got a drum machine way tho, not in a j dilla good way but overall it's worthy of checking out.. cheers!!

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