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Podcast 148: Moby's Old-School Rave Mix

It's easy to throw around words like 'legend' and 'pioneer' when talking about electronic music, and let's face it, half the time people won't say boo about these labels, most likely because they don't know who they hell you're talking about. But when it comes to true-blue dance music heavy-hitters, the kinds of artists that even your mom has heard of, it's hard to top Moby. Read more » 

Podcast 147: Todd Edwards

The XLR8R podcast series is full of mixes from artists whose work we appreciate, but it definitely skews toward up-and-comers rather than grizzled veterans. Yet when a certified legend like Todd Edwards offers to put together an exclusive mix for us, we're happy to put the hunt for this week's 'greatest thing ever' on pause and retreat into fanboy mode. Read more » 

Podcast 146: Mosca

A big part of Night Slugs' appeal is that the London-based crew tosses so many kinds electronic music into a virtual blender, only to produce something new and fresh in the end. Read more » 

Podcast 145: James Holden

Although it's been quite some time since trance resembled anything even somewhat creatively viable, James Holden has never been the average trance artist. Even when he burst onto to the scene in 1999 at age 19, his music contained a more thoughtful, melodic approach than that of his big-room counterparts. Read more » 

Podcast 144: Pictureplane—Fusion of the Masculine and Feminine Energy Mix

Pictureplane (a.k.a. Travis Egedy) isn't exactly easy to pin down. The Denver-based artist has been lumped in with the chillwave crowd, even though his debut latest album, Dark Rift, often sounded more like a rough-around-the-edges take on '80s dance pop, early '90s rave, and modern UK bass music. Read more » 

Podcast 143: MJ Cole

Until recently, the name MJ Cole was more or less synonymous with late-'90s/early-'00s UK garage and 2-step, as the man born Matthew Coleman was one of the scene's progenitors and biggest names. Yet as the bubbling beats and shuffling rhythms fell by the wayside and were eventually swallowed by dubstep's wobbling swagger, it seemed as though MJ Cole might end up simply another footnote in the annals of electronic music history. Read more » 

Podcast 142: Kyle Hall

When people talk about The New Detroit, it's a safe bet that 18-year-old producer and DJ Kyle Hall is going to be a major part of the conversation. Born into a musical family, Hall grew up in the same Motor City neighborhood as techno legends like Robert Hood, Kelli Hand, and Anthony "Shake" Shakir, was later mentored by guys like Mike Huckaby, and now sits at the forefront of his hometown's next generation. Read more » 

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