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Podcast 99: Labels We Love: Type Records

Whittling down the candidates to make XLR8R's annual list of Labels We Love is no easy task, but the inclusion of experimental U.K. label Xela) to put together a mix encapsulating the imprint's unique mix of ambient and drone sounds with just enough pop melodies to keep things interesting. Read more » 

Podcast 98: Brennan Green — Prepare to XLR8

DJ and producer

Podcast 97: Brackles

Something interesting is brewing on the fringes of dubstep, and 24-year-old Rob Kemp, better known as Brackles, is right in the thick of it. The London-based DJ has been spinning garage records and wowing crowds with his insane turntable skills since he was 15 years old, but it's his next-level production work that has truly thrust him into the limelight. Singles on Planet Mu, Applepips, Berkane Sol, and Pollen, not to mention high-profile remixes for the likes of Kid Cudi vs. Read more » 

Podcast 96: Traxx - Entrance to the Alter

Chicago is home to a lot of house music history, and veteran DJ/producer Traxx has long been in the middle of it all. As he prepares to unveil his debut full-length, Faith, the man born Melvin Oliphant was also kind enough to pass along Entrance to the Alter, an exclusive mix for XLR8R. A vinyl loyalist (as the mix's various crackles can attest), Traxx weaves through a variety of jackin' beats, including a number of unreleased tunes and a couple of sneak peeks from his forthcoming album. Read more » 

Podcast 95: Awesome Tapes from Africa

While studying hip-hop in Ghana in 2004-2005, Brian Shimkovitz quickly realized that most people outside of Africa have little to no idea of what life there is actually like, even when it comes to music. Although a small handful of African artists gain exposure outside the continent, much of the music that everyday people listen to at home, work, parties, and in the club remains a mystery. Read more » 

Podcast 94: Shit Robot's Simply Shit Mix

Irish-born Marcus Lambkin (a.k.a. Shit Robot) may be one of the lower-profile members of the DFA crew, but that doesn't mean the man doesn't have some serious DJ chops. Now living in Stuttgart, Germany, Shit Robot may not emerge from the shadows too often, but when he does, we here at XLR8R are sure to pay attention. His latest single, "Simple Things (Work It Out)," is an ace offering of new-school disco that features a WTF? Read more » 

Podcast 93: Strange Famous Megamix 2009

With Sage Francis at the helm of the Strange Famous brand, it comes as no surprise that the label's artists—showcased in this exclusive mix—deliver a similar style of hip-hop—sharp, gritty, and unabashedly to-the-point when it comes to lyrical content. DJ Pickster One compiled the tracks for the Strange Famous Megamix 2009, and if you don't know the work of Cecil Otter, B. Read more » 

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