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Podcast 38: Ghostly Swim Michna Megamix

Ann Arbor's Ghostly International imprint and cult TV network Adult Swim recently teamed up to release Ghostly Swim, a free, digital compilation showcasing the label's musically diverse catalog. As an added treat to XLR8R readers, they laced us with this mix from New York-based DJ and producer Adrian "Egg Foo Young" Michna, who gathered a select number of tracks from the compilation for his Ghostly Swim Michna Megamix.


Podcast 37: Mutek 2008 Preview

With MUTEK 2008 just around the corner (the event takes place Wednesday, May 28 - Sunday, June 1) Read more » 

Podcast 36: Osborne

Todd Osborn's latest full-length arrived in record stores yesterday, and those curious about the new album, created on a hand-built computer and simply titled Osborne, should check this mix. The multi-talented producer–who, we discovered is as adept at making lego sculptures and speaking Japanese as he is at crafting music–delivers a mix of slinky, sultry house, fast-paced techno, and a few lush, layered string arrangements. Covering eighteen songs in just under fifteen minutes, many of the tracks here appear on the new album.

1. Osborne "Afrika"

Podcast 35: DJ Donna Summer

Make no mistake, DJ Donna Summer loves a good party, and he's prepped his Berlin Parties Start at 3 a.m. mix especially for XLR8R to prove that. In a mere 45 minutes, the DJ, producer, and Cock Rock Disco label owner covers over 40 tracks and multiple music styles, from The Bloody Beetroots pounding elecro-rock to Lil Wayne to his own old-school house-style "Chicken Noodle Rave." The way he darts from track to track puts a third grader with A.D.D. to shame, but at 3 a.m. Read more » 

Podcast 34: kranky

Fifteen years ago, a couple of co-workers in Chicago started a record label by contacting a band they had never met and offering to release a full-length album. The result, almost named "curmudgeon," became kranky, a record label that routinely pushes the sonic limits of music. Out of appreciation and admiration, we invited the label to pick out some tracks to represent the history of their pioneering label.


Podcast 33: Top Billin

Finnish DJ/production/remix outfit Top Billin gathers everyone from Bounty Killer to Holy Ghost! Read more » 

Podcast 32: Synth Tax by Kid Kameleon

XLR8R columnist Kid Kameleon brings the variety on this latest installment of the XLR8R Podcast Series Read more » 

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