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Podcast 27: Ghostly International

Producer Praveen Sharma shows off his DJ skills and excellent taste in music on XLR8R's latest exclusive mix. Sharma has been making music for years now, with his debut album, Backed By Spirits, out on Neo Ouija. He is also a member of Percussion Lab, who streams the best in underground electronic music over the internet airwaves. Read more » 

Podcast 26: Barbara Preisinger

Besides her 10-plus-year career as a DJ, Barbara Presinger has explored numerous angles of the music business, from working on as a freelance writer and radio promoter to starting the now-famous ~scape imprint with Stefan Betke (a.k.a. Pole). While the dancefloor is her number one passion, she has, in recent years, expanded her sets to include everything from hip-hop to dub, often pairing these genres with her trademark house and techno style. Read more » 

Podcast 25: Mixhell

Iggor Cavalera is recognized throughout the world as a master drummer and former member of none other than Brazilian heavy-metal band Sepultura. However, he is as much familiar with turntables and MPCs and he is with a drum kit, taking his credo of Hard Beat Beat and applying it to other projects. As Mixhell, he and his wife, Laima Leyton, combine dancefloor and hard rock sensibilities for DJ sets as unpredictable as Cavalera's musical career. Only scan the enormous tracklisting below for proof.


Podcast 24: 15 Years of Thrill Jockey

Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records has long been a legend among indie labels, championing the musical careers of Adult., Read more » 

Podcast 23: Johan Agebjörn

Swedish songwriter, Sally Shapiro producer, proud father, and environmentalist Johan Agebjörn furnishes XLR8R with its latest podcast. The hour-long mix features tracks from the likes of Lindstrom and Mecano, a couple Sally Shapiro cuts, and all-around disco mayhem. Download this and let it be your holiday pre-party soundtrack.

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Podcast 22: Drop The Lime

Luca "Drop the Lime" Venezia has in many ways owned the New York club circuit for a number of years. Whether it’s his bizarre take on Chicago-house and grime on his Tigerbeat6 releases, the dark vocal-house under his Curses! moniker, or the fist pumping releases that his Trouble & Bass imprint peddles, you know that dude is on top of his game. Read more » 

Podcast 21: John Selway

Multi-instrumentalist and producer John Selway laces XLR8R with its latest DJ mix, spinning twelve danceable tracks from a handful of the world's favorite house and techno imprints. From training as a classical violinist during adolescence to his rave days under the moniker Disintegrator, this techno veteran has been around the block dishing out singles and remixes for a heap of labels from Minus to Cocoon and Turbo. Read more » 

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