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Podcast 138: FaltyDL

It seems like only yesterday that FaltyDL (a.k.a. Drew Lustman) was just another mild-mannered NYC beatmaker whose little album on Planet Mu had wormed its way into our hearts. Actually, it was only last summer. Regardless, the last 10 months have been a veritable FaltyDL whirlwind, as Lustman has followed up Love Is a Liability with top-flight releases on Ramp and Rush Hour, not to mention remixes for Mount Kimbie and The xx. He's also made multiple trips across the Atlantic to showcase his DJ stylings—not bad for a guy who headlined our first TURRBOTAX® party. Now that Mr. DL has become a certified big deal, it's nice to see that he's retained his fondness for XLR8R, as he actually asked to contribute this exclusive mix for our podcast series. Containing a number of his own productions alongside some classic dubstep, skittery 2-step, and even some juke (courtesy of new labelmate DJ Nate), the mix is surprisingly soulful, even when the beats get a bit manic. It certainly has us excited for whatever FaltyDL has planned for the next 10 months.

01 FaltyDL "Venus" (white)
02 Benny Ill, Kode9 & The Culprit "Fat Larry's Skank (Original)" (Tempa)
03 Duncan Powell "Pushin' (FaltyDL Remix)" (2nd Drop)
04 FaltyDL "2Step Sunday" (Tempa)
05 FaltyDL "Because You" (Planet Mu)
06 Zed Bias "Raving Bully" (white)
07 Millie & Andrea "Ever Since You Came Down" (Daphne)
08 FaltyDL "I'm Gonna Show You Somthin'" (white)
09 EL-B & Roxy "Deep Deep Love (Remix)" (DPR)
10 FaltyDL "My Friends Will Always Say..." (Planet Mu)
11 Ms. Dynamite "It Takes More (Zed Bias Remix)" (Polydor)
12 FaltyDL "Phreqaflex"(Planet Mu)
13 FaltyDL "Large Flash"(white)
14 Ghost "The Club" (Ghost)
15 Ramadanman "Don't Change For Me" (Hessle)
16 FaltyDL "Dionysos" (Planet Mu)
17 Blawan "Iddy" (Hessle)
18 Luke Vibert "Belief File" (Planet Mu)
19 AFX "VBS.Redlof.B" (Rephlex)
20 Swindle "Molly" (Planet Mu)
21 James Blake "The Bells Sketch" (Hessle)
22 FaltyDL "Body Down Marks" (white)
23 Squarepusher "My Red Hot Car" (Warp)
24 Unknown "Triple Bypass" (Hate)
25 Boxcutter "Mya Rave v2" (Planet Mu)
26 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome "Dat Shit Huff" (Bang Tha Box)
27 DJ Nate "Hatas Our Motivation" (Planet Mu)
28 DJ Nate "Give Dat Man Room" (Planet Mu)
29 Roy Ayers "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Polydor)

14 comments FaltyDL

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 10:00

download links are broken?

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 12:31

er...they work fine?

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 16:11

breakbeat hardcore making a comeback? i sure hope so!

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 22:37

soul good

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 09:28


Levoodookid (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 15:27

love it.

falty dl spreading the goodness again

mortensen (not verified) Wrote

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 23:29

GREATNESS!!! fantastic tracklist - listening through it for the fifth time...

migs* (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 12:01

downloadlinks seem broken

Rooney (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 12:05

adore Falty. This sound is a fresh breath for me.

sirhan (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 13:17

yeah, download link is broken. i clicked on the available mp3 link hoping to save as, but it streams directly to wmp. i don't know if it's a problem for non-internet explorer users but yeah.

DC (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 05/26/2010 - 11:42

FaltyDL "2Step Sunday" (Tempa)

--> this track is a mystery.. falty isnt on tempa and i cant find the track anywhere. um.

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 13:48

Sunday is forthcoming on Tempa Allstars ep

Beatkeeper (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 08/13/2010 - 12:36

This is an excellent mix! Glad to see 2-step flavors coming back. Only downer for me in this mix is the Dj Nate tracks - that is some wack shit. Seriously amateur hour.

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 08/18/2010 - 04:33

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