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Podcast 306: Greco-Roman Soundsystem

Over the past six years, Greco-Roman has quietly developed into one of dance music's more interesting outposts. Balancing a nose for the dancefloor with a genuine dedication to left-of-center pop sounds, the DJ collective and low-key imprint has birthed records from the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Disclosure, Hackman, Baio, and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard (who also happens to be one of the Greco-Roman's founders). Next month, the label will be issuing its first compilation, We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance in the Dark, a double LP collecting many of the highlights from the Greco-Roman discography. The album marks a sort of milestone for Greco-Roman, so we elected to commemorate the occasion by inviting the crew to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 305: Mike Simonetti

The XLR8R podcast series has featured a wide assortment of musical characters over the years, but few of them have had a musical history matching that of Mike Simonetti. These days, he's known primarily as a house DJ and the driving force behind the Italians Do It Better imprint, but Simonetti's backstory actually began in much different musical territory. Growing up in the New York and New Jersey hardcore scene during the late '80s and early '90s, he formed the Troubleman Unlimited label in 1993 and spent the next 15-plus years leading the expansive imprint through various strains of punk, post-punk, noise, and experimental sounds. It was through Troubleman that Simonetti linked up with Glass Candy and specifically Johnny Jewel, and as that band became more and more electronic and Italo-influenced, the two ultimately decided that a new label was needed, and Italians Do It Better was born. Read more » 

Podcast 304: Kevin McPhee

Kevin McPhee may not be a particularly loud or flamboyant producer, but he is a diligent one. Since 2011, the Toronto-based producer has been turning out a steady stream of clicking, clacking, and shuffling house music, garnering fans along the way and seeing his tunes appear on a variety of quality imprints, including 3024, [NakedLunch], WNCL, Idle Hands, Brainmath, and Hype_LTD. Still, McPhee has been a bit quiet in 2013, so we dropped him a line, figuring that having him put together an XLR8R podcast just might be the best way to take his current musical temperature. As it turned out, our intuitions were correct, as he's crafted a mix that not only focuses almost entirely on his own work, but also contains a number of unreleased dubs. Read more » 

Podcast 303: Marcel Fengler

Much like the other Marcel, the guy who created last week's XLR8R podcast, Marcel Fengler is a Berlin-based techno artist and a resident DJ at the city's storied Berghain nightclub. And though he hasn't quite reached Marcel Dettmann's level of international acclaim just yet, we have a strong suspicion that the release of Fokus—his debut full-length which just surfaced this week via the Ostgut Ton label—is about to give Fengler's career a major shot in the arm. Read more » 

Podcast 302: Marcel Dettmann

At this point, Berlin and techno are inextricably connected, and though the city's techno history contains all sorts of important figures, few would question that Marcel Dettmann has played a key role in the music's growth and development. Best known for his long-running residency at Berghain, Dettmann actually started DJing in the mid '90s; still, it's within Berghain's walls that he's been able to spend the better part of a decade fine-tuning his sleek brand of propulsive hard techno. At the same time, though he's an essential component of the Berghain/Ostgut Ton stable and will likely always be tied to its legacy, Dettmann's reach isn't limited to a single corner of the electronic landscape. (He does run a label of his own, the simply titled Marcel Dettmann Records, and has also dropped records in recent years on the 50Weapons imprint.) It's no exaggeration to say that Dettmann is one of today's techno giants, which is why we were thrilled when he accepted our invitation to put together a mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 301: The Mole

The Mole (a.k.a. Colin de la Plante) certainly isn't the only Canadian producer who's set up shop in the dancefloor-friendly confines of Berlin, but he's surely one of the most accomplished. Though the veteran producer maintains a relatively low profile, his resume is impressive by just about any standard. A longtime member of the Wagon Repair stable and an occasional contributor to the Cobblestone Jazz project, de la Plante has also released music for labels like Kompakt, Ostgut Ton, and New Kanada, amongst others. While many artists with more than a decade of experience under their belts would be content to simply rest on their laurels and coast along, de la Plante continues to push in new directions—last year, he co-founded the Maybe Tomorrow imprint, and after releasing a pair of 12"s on the young label, he's just issued Caregiver, his sophomore LP and first full-length since 2008. Given that the new album is surfacing this week, we thought now would be an excellent time for The Mole to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 300: Maya Jane Coles

The XLR8R podcast series is nearly seven years old. During that time, the entire concept of podcasts has become ubiquitous; at times, it feels like just about everyone on the planet with an internet connection has one. Still, we've held fast to a simple concept: each week, we ask a DJ put together an exclusive mix, which we then post on XLR8R for our readers to stream and/or download. There's nothing overly complex about it, and the podcast doesn't come with many bells and whistles, yet the series has nevertheless become one of the cornerstones of our website, something that thousands of people flock to week in and week out. Last month, we featured a special series of mixes in celebration of XLR8R's 20th anniversary, and today we've arrived at another milestone: podcast number 300. We couldn't let the moment go by without celebrating, so we've enlisted none other than Maya Jane Coles to lead the festivities. Read more » 

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