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Podcast 295: Paul Johnson

Last week, we here at XLR8R kicked off a month-long series of special podcasts to commemorate our 20 years of existence. Obviously, a lot of music has come and gone in the last two decades, so we figured the best way to celebrate our own little milestone would be to highlight a few of the artists whose output has helped define the era. This week, we've enlisted Chicago house veteran Paul Johnson, a producer and DJ with an impressive resume that dates back even further than our own. Read more » 

Podcast 294: Omar-S

Believe it or not, XLR8R recently celebrated its 20th birthday. It's not an occasion we've been hyping with lots of fanfare—perhaps we're getting a bit shy about our advancing age—but we figured that we needed to do something to commemorate our two decades of existence. Ultimately, we decided to recognize the milestone via our podcast series. Granted, the weekly mixes are something that we're already fairly excited about, but throughout the month of May, we'll be taking things up a notch with a special set of 20th-anniversary podcasts, all of which have been assembled by influential veterans—artists whose work has risen above the trends and stood the test of time. First up, we have someone who's a true original—Omar-S. Read more » 

Podcast 293: Bondax

Bondax has been simmering below the surface for a while now, but there's little question that last year's "Baby I Got That" took the teenage duo to a new level of recognition. Granted, the song is an almost impossibly catchy piece of sun-kissed electronic pop, but it's doubtful that anyone anticipated just how big of a single it would be. Now, nearly a year later, the UK outfit has only let loose a handful of additional tunes, yet it sits at the precipice of a full-fledged crossover—it's no stretch to say that Bondax has become something of a minor phenomenon. At the same time, it also feels like Bondax remains something of a mystery; the group simply doesn't have much of a track record. In fairness, the duo did just release the Gold EP and has said that a full-length will arrive later in the year, but we still wanted to know—and hear—more, which is why we invited the young Brits to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 292: Cosmin TRG

Cosmin TRG (a.k.a. Cosmin Nicolae) has been releasing music since 2007, yet it still feels like the man doesn't have much of a "story." That's not a slight, nor is it meant to imply that the Romanian-born artist is some sort of shadowy or secretive figure. It's simply an observation that he prefers to let his tunes do the talking, which isn't a bad course of action when one considers his track record. Over the past six years, Cosmin TRG has offered up more than his fair share of quality music, from "Put You Down"—the inaugural outing from Hessle Audio—to his 2011 full-length debut, Simulat. Later this week, Nicolae will be adding to that impressive body of work with his sophomore album for the 50Weapons label, Gordian, so we figured now would be a good time to ask the Berlin-based producer to also flex his DJ skills and assemble an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 291: Dam-Funk

It's hard not to like Dam-Funk (a.k.a. Damon Riddick). The LA veteran is not only incredibly prolific, but his unique mix of West Coast G-funk, old-school electro, and vintage soul always sounds almost impossibly cool. Last weekend, he delivered one of the standout performances during the first go-round of Coachella's 2013 festivities—check our review for more details on that—and it's a safe bet that the man will be similarly charming when he hits the main stage again this Friday. With a new full-length reportedly in the works, we figured now might be a good time to check in with Riddick by having him put together a mix for the XLR8R podcast series. He was more than happy to oblige, and sent over a deliciously funky session that he's titled The Healing. Read more » 

Podcast 290: Ejeca

Ejeca (a.k.a. Garry McCartney) burst on the scene in 2012—most notably with "You" (a collaborative track with Bicep) and the Horizon EP—and the Belfast-based producer's pace hasn't slowed in 2013. Shortly after we tabbed him as an "Artist to Watch" during Bubblin' Up Week back in January, the man dropped the Frequency EP via Last Night on Earth, and he has two more offerings making their way into the world this month—the Different Rules EP on Lokee Musik and the Life in Flux EP for 2020 Vision. Ejeca's profile is undoubtedly on the rise, although some of this momentum is undoubtedly due to the fact that he's often been lumped in with the current wave of '90s house and garage revivalism. Curious to find out if that was all the young artist had up his sleeve, we invited him to participate in the XLR8R podcast series. Much to our surprise, Ejeca used the opportunity to deliver a sort of mission statement, assembling a mix that not only explores multiple moods, sounds, genres, and tempos, but also consists of nothing but his own tunes, all of which are previously unreleased. Read more » 

Podcast 289: DJ Qu

DJ Qu is not a flashy artist. Though the New Jersey native is essentially a house-music lifer—he detailed his early days as a house dancer in our Bubblin' Up feature a couple of years back—he continues to quietly go about his business, DJing around the globe and releasing a steady stream of quality deep house, mostly via his own Strength Music imprint. Gymnastics, his first and only full-length, dropped back in 2011, and although 2012 saw a handful of new records from Qu, we nonetheless found ourselves wondering where his creative head was at these days, which is why we invited him to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

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