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Podcast 71: Future Blappin' with Lazer Sword

Of all the acts currently pushing that future-bass-lazer-blap (whatever you prefer to call it) sound into the far reaches of today's dancefloors, none is nearer and dearer to the heart of XLR8R than the Lazer Sword boys. Okay, that might have a little something to do with the fact that both Bryant Rutledge and Antaeus Roy are former employees of the magazine, but their time spent plugging away at subscriber emails and MP3s is hardly the reason these guys are blowing up club scenes from San Francisco to Scotland. Read more » 

Podcast 70: Chavy Boys of London

Baltimore club music has a rep for being energetic, but from the sounds of this mix, which is primarily just that, the Chavy Boys of London must keep an entire fridge stocked with Red Bull—and pound a few down when commissioned to do DJ mixes for music websites.


Podcast 69: Mochipet Presents Daly City Records

For the latest XLR8R Podcast, Daly City Records label boss David Wang, better known as Mochipet, showcases many different sounds from his label (as well as the many different ways one can wear a purple jumpsuit).


Podcast 68: Dying Songs for XLR8R

Anyone familiar with L.A.-based internet radio station dublab will likely know Jimmy Tamborello’s show, Dying Songs. Over the years, he's delivered everything from The Field to Sascha Funke to Charles Mingus via the airwaves, and now he's brought the show to the XLR8R Podcast with Dying Songs for XLR8R.


Podcast 67: XLR8R Presents Lone

Formerly one half of Nottingham duo Kids In Tracksuits, Matt Cutler (a.k.a. Lone) has kept busy making spaced-out electronic music, most notably with his 2008 release Lemurian. On this exclusive mix, he leads us through a number of different musical styles, offering up pieces of techno, dubstep, electro, and more from names like Kode9, Clark, and Plaid, as well as one of his own tracks.

01 Kona Triangle "Pinchbeck Intro"
02 Lone "Indigo Breath"
03 Plaid "Anything"
04 Kode9 vs ld "2 Bad
05 The Tuss "Fredulogon6"

Podcast 66: Dapayk Live at Deeper Moods, Los Angeles

Niklas Worgt, better known to the music world as German-born producer and liveact Dapayk solo Dapayk Solo, has dabbled in multiple musical styles over the course of his 15-year career, with drum & bass, breakbeat, and tech-house being the most notable. Read more » 

Podcast 65: XLR8R Presents Speedy J

Jochem Paap, a.k.a. Speedy J, delivers the next installment of the XLR8R Podcast, an hour-long ride through pure, unadulterated techno territory in which Paap's skills on the mixing board put just about every other DJ on the planet to shame. It's hardly surprising, since he's been honing his craft for over 15 years, dabbling in all forms of the genre, from hardcore to minimal. On this mix, he brings together cuts from Radioslave, Loco Dice, The Mod Wheel (a.k.a. Tom Middleton), Marco Carola, and a few of his own tracks. Read more » 

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