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Podcast 91: Dudley Perkins: Unconditional Love

"Do not attempt to adjust your radio dial," proclaims Dudley Perkins, and with that, he kicks off the Unconditional Love podcast, over an hour's worth of smooth, sultry soul jams concerned with matters of the heart. No need for much elaboration though. Dudley walks us through the 21 tracks here, which were mixed by the one and only DJ Romes.

Unconditional Love:
01 Intro
02 Roy Ayers - Sunshine
03 Barry White - Playing Your Game

Podcast 90: Daydreaming with The Long Lost

Alfred and Laura Darlington released their first album under The Long Lost guise earlier this year, surprising the music world with dreamy, orchestral pop songs that strayed from the experimental beats we're used to hearing from Alfred (under his Daedelus moniker). For the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast, the two continue surprising us, with 28 tracks of indie-pop, folk, and ambient compositions from the likes of Jogger, Caribou, Lali Puna, and Fleet Foxes. It's a mix bound to brighten anyone's day.


Podcast 89: Buck 65 - The A to F Podcast

When asked about the name of this podcast, Richard Terfry (a.k.a. Buck 65) merely stated, "I pulled music from my record collection, which is arranged alphabetically, and I only got as far as the letter F."


Podcast 88: n5md Label Sampler with Bitcrush

Oakland, CA might have a rep for grim crime statistics and intimidating sidewalks, but the city just a bridge toll away from S.F. also holds some very pretty aspects, and ambient IDM imprint n5md is one of the best.


Podcast 87: MUTEK_10 with Michel Pontbriand

In earlier days, a MUTEK showcase commonly involved a room of pasty guys standing still while endless bleeps and blips filled the air. And while we’d never contest the importance of that particular breed of electronic music (which remains the foundation of most MUTEK events), the festival has seen a considerable amount of growth and variety over the last decade, perhaps most evident in the lineup for this year’s annual Montreal festival.


Podcast 86: XLR8R Presents Kevin Saunderson

With his previously announced, two-disc remix retrospective release, History Elevate, about to drop and Detroit's annual Movement Festival less than two weeks away, one would assume Kevin Saunderson has little time to talk. Read more » 

Podcast 85: Kid606 - Megachurch Meltdown

Few artists can pack 47 tracks into an hour-long mix without it sounding forced and contrived. Fortunately for us (and the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast), Kid606 is one of those who can seamlessly weave together as many tracks as he has for Megachurch Meltdown. Pulling from a collection of current club tracks and old favorites, the man born Miguel Depedro has crafted a bouncy, bass-heavy mix that's as close to an actual night in the club as one can hope to get. Read more » 

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