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Podcast 317: Bill Kouligas' PAN Mix

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Although many labels have had an impact on the sound of 2013, there aren't many imprints that have been more influential than PAN. Though the Berlin-based label has been releasing music since 2008, within the past year or two, its dark and unique blend of techno, industrial, noise, and various experimental sounds has solidified into a sort of template, albeit one that's still incredibly difficult to define in any sort of concrete fashion. As with many of the best labels, it's hard to describe exactly what a PAN record sounds like, but there's undoubtedly a connective thread that holds all of its releases together. In hopes of examining that thread a little more closely, we've enlisted label founder Bill Kouligas to put together an exclusive mix consisting of nothing but PAN material, and have elected to debut it as part of our Labels We Love coverage. Read more » 

Podcast 316: Huxley

Like many UK producers, Huxley (a.k.a. Michael Dodman) was initially a garage guy, but while there are still traces of the sound in his output, it's his house-leaning tracks that have boosted his profile and even made him a regular on the Ibiza circuit. 2012's "Let It Go" for Hypercolour was undoubtedly Huxley's biggest tune, but his discography runs much deeper than that, as he's also released records for Rinse, Tsuba, 20:20 Vision, and his own Saints & Sonnets imprint. His most recent offering is the Chatsworth Sound EP, a collaborative effort with fellow Brit and Hypercolour affiliate Shenoda. Basically, the past few years have seen a flurry of Huxley-related activity, so when the opportunity arose for him to put together something exclusive for the XLR8R podcast series, saying "yes" wasn't a particularly difficult choice. Read more » 

Podcast 315: Oneohtrix Point Never

Describing the work of Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. Dan Lopatin) is no simple task. While the Brooklyn-based producer initially made his name with a series of trippily drifting synthscapes, recent years have found him consistently expanding his artistic vision, to the point where describing his "sound" is all but impossible. Today finds Lopatin releasing the excellent R Plus Seven, his latest full-length and first for the storied Warp imprint. Though his synth wizardry is still part of the equation, the LP further solidifies Oneohtrix Point Never as an experimental force, an artist who's taken stock of musical history and is unafraid to assemble challenging and highly conceptual worlds of sound. That's why we were so excited at the prospect of Lopatin putting together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series; there was little doubt that he would craft something that was both engagingly detailed and stunningly off the wall. Read more » 

Podcast 314: Huerco S. Decibel Mix

Huerco S. is having a good year. Back in January, the Kansas-born producer was featured as part of our Bubblin' Up Week series, which spotlighted acts we expected to be doing big things in 2013. Nine months later, he's releasing his full-length debut, Colonial Patterns, which drops today via the Software label, and is widely being hailed as an innovative new voice in electronic music. He's also been tapped to perform at the XLR8R showcase this Thursday night at Seattle's annual Decibel Festival. Given that, we figured there was no better candidate to oversee a special Decibel edition of our podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 313: Daedelus

Los Angeles' crowded beat scene has a rich cast of characters, yet few of them can match the resume of Daedelus. For more than a decade, the leftfield beatmaker has been turning heads, both with his wild musical notions and his propensity for dressing like a Victorian dandy. Though his sound has morphed and evolved over the years—Daedelus has never been shy about experimenting with new genres or rhythmic ideas—the veteran has remained relevant, and is frequently cited as an influential pioneer by up-and-coming artists, many of who likely consumed his work online or perhaps caught one of his numerous appearances at Low End Theory. XLR8R has certainly been tracking Daedelus' movements for a long time, yet amazingly, he had never been enlisted to put together a mix for our podcast series. But with a new album, Drown Out, dropping today via Anticon, we figured that now would be the perfect time to rectify that situation. Read more » 

Podcast 312: Delroy Edwards' New Forms Mix

Over the past two years, L.I.E.S. has become one of dance music's most hotly tipped imprints, and there's little question that the influence of the label's raw, back-to-basics approach has crept across the electronic sphere. And though L.I.E.S. keeps even its most ardent fans busy with a high volume of releases from a variety of producers, a small circle of the label's artists has become particularly sought after. Delroy Edwards is one those artists. Read more » 

Podcast 311: Prefuse 73

Though he's been regularly releasing music since the mid '90s, the prolific Guillermo Scott Herren (best known as Prefuse 73) continues to work, his output unabated by time or simple indolence. Born in Miami, raised in Atlanta, and having spent a significant period of time in Barcelona, he's somehow distilled these varied locales—along with his current home base of New York City—into his music, resulting in a warped, psychedelic version of instrumental hip-hop that has been chopped and re-ordered with an almost surgical level of precision. Herren has never been shy about working with other artists and his newly founded label, Yellow Year, is set to play host to Speak Soon, a series of collaborative EPs. (The first release will be the much anticipated debut from Sons of the Morning, his joint project with LA beatmaker and Brainfeeder affiliate Teebs.) With this new chapter of Herren's career about to begin, we figured now would be a good time to have him put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

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