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Podcast 282: Dusky

2012 was a good year for Dusky. Although the pair's 2011 full-length debut, Stick By This, put the London outfit on the map, last year saw an impressive run of releases that included a solid EP for Aus offshoot Simple, the first record for Loefah's new School imprint, and the Flo Jam EP, whose title track quickly became one of the most rinsed tunes of the year. Now that the calendar has flipped to 2013, the duo of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman stands as one of the UK's most buzzed-about young house acts, and next month, the producers will be making their first musical statement of the new year with the Nobody Else EP. With another solid campaign seemingly on the horizon, we thought now would be a good time for the group to put together the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 281: Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall only released two records last year, but the Brighton-based producer undeniably made his presence known in 2012, even as he refused to reveal his true identity. His last record, "Gold Language" b/w "Don't Know Why," had quite an impact—it prompted us to profile Vynehall as part of our Bubblin' Up series—and now he's followed it up with another strong effort, the three-track Rosalind EP, which is currently streaming in full on XLR8R. Given Vynehall's ascendant trajectory, we figured now would be a good time to invite the UK beatmaker to participate in our podcast series, and he responded with a mix that quite possibly raises more questions than it answers. Read more » 

Podcast 280: Ulrich Schnauss

Although XLR8R covers many different corners of the electronic spectrum, it's fair to say that we haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to drum & bass as of late. That being said, we still have a soft spot for the genre's heyday, and it appears we're not alone. Ulrich Schnauss may be best known for the serene, shoegaze-flavored electronic soundscapes he's been turning out for more than a decade, but when we asked the German veteran to participate in our podcast series, he elected to eschew his signature style and instead delve into his past. The result? A 78-minute offering he's calling Drift to the Centre: Deep Atmospheric DnB from the Golden Age, a mix which also happens to represent the largest spotlight XLR8R has shone on drum & bass in quite some time. Read more » 

Podcast 279: Basic Soul Unit

Surveying the career of Basic Soul Unit (a.k.a. Stuart Li), it's hard not to wonder how the Toronto-based producer hasn't become a bigger sensation. That's not a knock on his reputation; without question, folks in the know place Li's output in the upper echelons of house and techno. It's just that he remains a sort of producer's producer, even after spending the last decade dropping records via a litany of highly respected imprints. Ostgut Ton, Crème Organization, Mule Electronic, Mathematics, Versatile, Nonplus—they've all released music by Basic Soul Unit over the years. Just recently though, Li made his boldest move yet, offering up his first full-length, Motional Response. While only time will tell if the record is the one that finally pushes Basic Soul Unit fully into the spotlight, it certainly caught our attention enough to prompt us to invite him to participate in the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 278: Trus'me

When it comes to forthcoming house albums we're excited about in 2013, it's safe to say that Trus'me's Treat Me Right is currently sitting at the top of the list. Granted, it's only January and not that many new full-lengths have actually been announced for 2013, but new music from David Wolstencroft is something worth celebrating, regardless of what page the calendar is turned to. The Manchester-based veteran and Prime Numbers boss last released a Trus'me album in 2009, so now that he's properly revived the project, we figured it would be a good time to extend an invite for him to contribute an exclusive mix to the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Podcast 277: South London Ordnance

The beginning of each year is always a time for looking ahead, which is why South London Ordnance is a particularly fitting choice for the first XLR8R podcast of 2013. Granted, the UK producer had himself a rather solid 2012, dropping well-received releases on a myriad of labels and snagging the #4 slot on our list of the year's Best New Artists. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that even brighter days are ahead for the youthful beatmaker. With South London Ordnance riding a wave of momentum and currently sitting atop of pile of as-yet-unreleased heaters, we figured now would be a good time to enlist him for exclusive mix. Even better, the selection ties right in to our ongoing Bubblin' Up Week, as the producer was the subject of his own Bubblin' Up feature just a few months back. Read more » 

Podcast 276: Disclosure

As 2012 rapidly comes to a close, it's obvious that Disclosure has been one of the year's breakout acts. The youthful UK duo has been on our radar for a while now—we profiled the brotherly outfit in our Bubblin' Up series back in March—but its recent run of releases, which included "Tenderly" b/w Flow," The Face EP, and "Latch," has the pair primed for a proper pop crossover, particularly once its forthcoming full-length debut drops sometime in 2013. Yet even if Disclosure's biggest impact on the music world is still to come, its influence on 2012 was undeniable; the duo's refashioning of vintage house and garage tropes into bouncy, vocal-driven gems has not only spawned legions of imitators, but is also indicative of how a significant portion of the electronic-music world has turned its attention to the '90s when mining for inspiration. In many ways, Disclosure's music was the sound of 2012, or at least one of them. As such, it's fitting that the duo would deliver the final XLR8R podcast of the year. Read more » 

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